Thursday, December 23, 2010

Do you have the personal touch?

I was in the office opening a lot of recent mails unread. There were two birthday cards sent directly to me from two senior directors of our company. As they are considered my bosses, i felt nice to have them writing to me. Excitingly i unfolded the envelops, eagerly wanting to read their wishes to me.

The first card was from this gentleman, (sorry lah can't reveal the name to you guys here) has been working with us for more than 15 years. It's quite a standard birthday card, specially printed by the company. On the card, he beautifully signed his signature with 'Dear Robert' written by hand on top. Of course for a moment, i was happy to read his birthday message. As i love reading other people's signing and writing, i noticed the two words, 'Dear Robert' aren't the same style of font against his signature. Furthermore the ink on 'Dear Robert' is darker than his signing. With these comparisons, i could confidently say, this Director didn't write my name himself. I guessed he had pre-signed all the birthday cards, and his secretary was the one who wrote our names and dispatched out according to our birth date. The moment of happiness was adjusted to not so happy after all. I could sense the director isn't sincere. For the sake of sending out birthday card, he did it without the commitment and passion on his part. Conclusion: there is no personal touch.

The second card was different. It was signed aggressively, with my name and my birth date written by the undersign himself. I could feel he is sincere and honest, and willing to reach up with me. This gentleman is only two years with us, and he is already the number one man of our company. Though he is busy and fully occupied all the time, he still has the few minutes to write our names. That makes him different from others with his personal touch.

I wish my second boss has this -
"If you have much, give of your wealth; If you have little, give of your heart" --Kahlil Gibran


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,

Happy belated birthday!

One of my classmate from uni is also in your line and she is very high in position. For the first few years I was so happy to receive her greeting cards, but once, she greeted me as ‘Mr", my was broken.
Obviously her secretary has made a very big mistake...

Thanks for sharing.
Merry Christmas to you!


Robert Foo said...

Hi Teamama,

People who have experiences in life are usually sharper. I believe you are. I like your name,because i miss my mama.

A hug to you for reading my blog, and thanks for the birthday wishes.

RL said...

Dear Bro,

Happy belated Birthday...I stopped counting your age since you have shown to us that you are still lively in many ways people envy. hehehe

RL & Ching Ai

Robert Foo said...

Hi Sis,

As long as the heart is happy, one will feel young. But sometime when little darling disturbed my heart, the age shoot up again. Funny isn't it?