Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Time really flies.......

Selling tips....

Twenty years ago i sold an endowment policy to Simon. Yesterday i personally hand delivered the maturing cheque to him. Over the lunch i told my great friend that i am happy and sad to see this payment meant for him today.

He was wondering why i was sad!!! I told him the happiness first. I felt extremely happy and proud because i was the agent who sold him this plan and i am still around to handover the full payment as promised 20 years ago. I didn't fail him, neither did i change my profession though there were many a time i was almost tempted to leave this challenging career for something else. I remain focus, sincere, honest, loyal and willing to serve no matter what happened. Thanks God! HE let me stay to survive. More so my client, Simon is also still around to enjoy this retirement benefit.

Simon couldn't wait to know why i was sad. I was rather sad because i didn't exert enough force on him 20 years ago. Should i had made him paid an extra zero on his premium then, i would have increased another extra zero on this small cheque payment. Right? He was laughing.

I asked him this question; "Did you have any regret over purchasing this policy with us?" Simon said 'Yes!' Reason was he should have deposited and save more premium.

My belief - "Is not of how much you earn but rather is how much you could save that matter."

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