Thursday, December 02, 2010

The unwanted coins.

As usual i like having my morning breakfast at a nearby coffee shop. Little darling would know my favourite dish is the 'wan tan mee'. Though it might not be as tasty as the yesteryear one, this shop has the best food courts around my house.

After taking my food and was about to walk out of the shop, an old lady who was sitting next to my table, patted my shoulder to indicate that i had forgotten to collect my change of ten cents which was left on it. I turned back and without hesitation i took this little change. At the same time i stopped to thank you this customer for being kind enough to remind me.

Over the next few minutes, i shared some of my experiences to those customers around. They eagerly listened to my story. When i was a small boy, my mum would always insist that i should pick whatever coins and shillings that were lying on roads outside. The smallest denomination was the one cent coin which would have no value then. Unless you had the combination of 5 one cent to make it as five cent, perhaps you might be able to buy a sweet. Mum would be angry if we didn't pick those unwanted coins found. She said it was sinfull and shameful not to pick those money. Mind you, her advice still remains in my mind.

Not today any longer! Children of today have no feeling for coins, they prefer the notes, especially the five, ten or fifty dollar denominations. There are those five and ten cent coins strayed all over the road pavements, no children would be bother to pick them up. Because they think the coins are of no value.

Upon reaching this stage of sharing, the same old lady raised her voice to us. She said, "Yes! Our children today is smarter. They know the value of those coins." I didn't challenge her statement and darn not utter a word. Quietly i smiled and left the crowd.

In my car i pondered over her statement, "Our children today is smarter." In my mind i asked.. Are they actually smarter? I think not! They could be more intelligence but they aren't smart. Their intelligence has degraded the value of those unwanted coins. Their intelligence has changed them to be proud and prideful. They don't have the humbleness and simplicity of the heart. If they were to be smart, they should have collected those under value coins and donate them to charities or the poor. Thanks God! My children still pick the left over coins.

Quote in joke - "You can use your 1 cent coins to piss people time you pay for something just pay in 1 cent coins!!!"

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