Friday, December 31, 2010

Childlike naughtiness.

Are you the naughty one? I mean clean naughtiness without disturbing others. I believe everyone has some naughtiness in us, except most are reluctance to reveal their true identities. Few are brave and not the least be bothered by what others see in them.

These are what i gathered from my blogging. Most readers love reading my dirty jokes and cartoons, women likes romance and not many darn to show themselves in my comment's column. I have a tracking station to locate these traffics. Believe me, clean articles aren't very well received. The more playful and witty i wrote, the more they enjoyed my sharing.

Life has always being covered with a face mask when you thought your friends are the serious one. Not true you know! I have two clients, one is religious and the other is a politician behave a perfect person without nonsense, until one day they received some of my pornography emails. They became excited and begged me to send them more because they never had a chance to see them before, as no friend was brave enough to forward such emails to them.

I really don't know how you term me? Am i playful and naughty to you? Yes! I am naughty but i am the truthful one who would not hide behind the unwanted face mask of life. I think the one who darn to show his naughtiness without fear is usually honest and jovial. The good part of life is when you are honest and jovial, you tend to live a happier and fruitful life.

Moral of my story:
Is not wrong to be naughty at time when you are trying to make others happy. Be brave to do the things you like. Why hide under your shell when you have the choice to show the world of what you are. Don't be too serious in life.

My new resolution for 2011: To stay more naughtier as ever making the world more merrier to live.

My strongest belief
-"An honest man is always a child." - Socrates

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