Friday, December 03, 2010

Pampering too much on our children.

Yesterday i was talking about our children and i haven't finished this topic yet. The more i see them, the more i feel so sad for them.

Only yesterday itself, this was what i witnessed. A client i hadn't seen for three years, invited me to her beautiful new house. Its so huge and spacious, it looks almost like a villa to me. They made it there because the husband is an extremely a successful and a wealthy business man. I was introduced to his eldest son who is 30 years young and had graduated with two degrees. Though the house is built with a lovely big swimming pool plus a first class gym or fitness centre, the son is overweight in physical. What a waste with such health facilities provided by the father!!! Ever since he came back from abroad, he hasn't been working yet. Perhaps he needs not work!

Next! I have another good friend whose son is already 18 of age and currently studying for his A level locally. Everyday his parents have to take turn to chauffeur him to classes. On checking with this boy, he has never been allowed to go out by himself alone. He hasn't experienced the thrill of taking buses or train to roam around for fun or meeting his friends outside home. The father is a medical doctor who is sending him to study in England next year. Being not good on streetwise, i wonder how the son could be able to cope up when he is alone there soon. I only have to blame his father for pampering his child too much.

Next! A father had to take leave away from his important job to drive his daughter for her year end examination. In between the morning and afternoon session papers, he waited nearby to provide meals and drinks for her. Mind you! The daughter is already 18 of age too. He claimed it's unsafe to let her child to move out alone. What a protective father is he?

I can tell you more. Is alarming to see how our young children are being brought up in such pampered way. They are almost like being spoon fed all the way from baby to adulthood. Yes! They could be intelligence academically but i doubt they would be smart on the road to fence for themselves later in their lives. All these won't have happened if only the parents had not spoiled their own children.

In religious point of view - "A father without a rod is no father at all. A father without discipline is no father at all."


Wan said...

Hi Robert,
I would agree with your views.
Parents nowadays are too proctective. But, that could be the result of an unsafe environment that we are living in.
However, I still believe in your quote for the day... that's why I am being very strict and discipline with my children.
I tried very hard to discipline them, but they were pampered by their grandparents and being influenced by their cousins who were pampered child.
At times, I just do not know how to teach them.
Anyway, at least I know my views are not so wrong as I have your supportive views.
Thanks, Robert.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Wan,

This is our challenging lives. Nothing is easy but at least you try. Be positive and stay close to the heart where true love resides. Let me see all your children one day and i would tell you more about them. Okay?

Wan said...

Sure, Robert...
Thank you in advance...