Friday, December 24, 2010

My client took me for granted............

Selling tips....

When your prospects or clients do not turn up on their appointments, what would you do? I am sure you would be disappointed, sad or even frustrated. Are you going to see them again?

To me, any person who doesn't honour his promise to meet, when appointment is confirmed, is a person who has no principle in life. He considers his time as paramount important, whereas he takes for granted time belonging to others. He doesn't even bother to inform, or at least leave a message if in case emergency does happened. When a person who has no principle in life, he tends to disrespect another person, he might be a big bully, he works without ethic and rule, he is difficult to be satisfied, he is an unappreciative man and usually he is also an unhappy person.

What should i do? I always avoid this type of people and i try not to deal business with them. Knowing them makes my life miserable, when i should concentrate on customers who are sincere, have integrity and mutual respect for each other.

So! In case if a prospect who misses his first appointment with you, please consider it's lucky for you. Because you don't have to waste time on him as a client later. Cut him off totally in business. Okay?

Some cheeky agents asked, what happened if is a first blind date. Alamah! Caught here!!! Try this then. If the man is late, chuck him off again but if the pretty and sexy lady is very late, wait lah for her. Haha!!!

Food for thought -
"The true perfection of man lies not in what man has, but in what man is" - Oscar Wilde

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