Monday, December 20, 2010

Young only once.

Mrs Sabrin gave up her profession as a medical doctor seven years ago when she had a first child. Her doctor husband was too happy then because the family would be well taken care. At the beginning, things worked out pretty good with only one little darling in the house to play with. Today, the family has grown from three to five now. They have three children aged seven to three.

I thought Sabrin should be much happier because she has two princes and one princess to care for. The last visit at her home, i could see she was exhausted and unhappy. She has lost her calmness and confidence in dealing with her growing family. While having a short chat, she threw her sorrow over a remark, "I have to drive all my kids to various classes each day. Even weekend won't be spared, when i have to take them for swimming, music class and more. I am a no paid driver." I could sense she is really an unhappy mother.

Though i didn't say a word to her when i was in her house. Later when i came home, i sent her a text message. It was written as, "Our children could only be young once. Have fun with them when they are still young coz when they are older, you will never be having such fun again."

I sincerely hope Sabrin would get my message right.

Food for thought -
"You are only young once, and if you work it right, once is enough" - Lewis, Joe E.

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