Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Ladies like Mancho Man.......

Talking about Rich & Poor, i have another interesting true story for you....

I had once a rich friend who claimed that all his girlfriends like him because of his wealth only. He flowered them with gifts and incentives, generous in every way to make the ladies attracted to him. Whereas his driver had got nothing, he had plenty of lovers who called him day and night seeking his love and romance. The boss asked, Robert you know both of us well. Tell me why my driver has got more lady's lucks than me.

Mmmmm!!! That was a very sensitive question. Right? Taking up some courage, I assessed both of them. Yes! Boss you are wealthy and successful but you lack the strength, energy and charm of a macho man for all ladies to adore. You could be generous in money but are you demanding!! You offer gifts and incentives but not love from the heart. You might be approachable, are you arrogance and bossy!! You are successful in your business but i believe you have little time for regular exercises. Reason... Your frame and size show you are over weight. An over weighted person who doesn't exercise would never be able to perform well on bed. Strength and energy are definitely needed for a satisfying round of bed performance. Boss! Ladies like money but they also like man who could satisfy them outside and inside.

I think the boss took my hint. Whether he likes it or not, these are all facts of life. Right?

She cannot be wrong -
"A man can be short and dumpy and getting bald but if he has fire, women will like him" ~ Mae West.

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