Friday, June 03, 2011

All women are beautiful at my wise age....

Billy is one of my fellow colleague. He is four years younger than me and has been selling life insurance for twenty years. His sales are currently poor, and if he doesn't improve the company might take away his selling contract. Looking dull and lacking personal drive on him, I invited Billy for a cup of tea.

Over our chat, he complained that aging and getting old is the main reason for his lost of interest in selling. His enthusiasm is low and he hasn't got the love and passion like before. I fully agreed with Billy. When the heart isn't happy, one would see the world as ugly. However everyone has the choice to see the good or the bad part of life.

This was what I told him... Thirty years ago, I could hardly see many beautiful lady agents with us. Today, each time I enter the lift I would be surrounded by many sweet young things. They are sexy, gorgeous, intelligence and so beautiful ladies. You know why? Thirty years ago, when I was at age 34 or so, most ladies were either a few years younger than me or some could be older than my age, they didn't look attractive to me then. However today at my real age (Alah! You know lah! I don't have to quote you here), all ladies, women or girls that I'm meeting now, are definitely younger than me. Being younger than me they are, no matter at what age, I will see them attractive and pretty. I appreciate and admire them more now. Imagine if I stay doing nothing at home, I would be missing all these fun and excitement of not interacting with these lovely beauties.

Telling Billy who was amazed with my story, I opt to think the best of being here at my age when I could make myself happier rather than feeling misery of being old and has no value to the industry. A Happy heart always sees a beautiful world. I believe Billy would change his mindset.

Specially for the senior veterans -
"It is your right to be happy. This is what you were made for. And if you will not resist, happiness will find a way to pour from your heart and fill your days" ~ Hugh Prather

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