Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Like grand father & like grand son.....

I spoke to my eldest son today. He said dad your eldest grand son (his eldest child) whom I had not seen for quite sometimes, is just as naughty as I was. At age 12 plus only, he is already having many girlfriends. There are many phone calls and test messages received mainly from girls rather than from boys.

My son was right! When I was at sixteen, I was a great attraction to many girlfriends. It was so easy for me to befriend them and inviting girls to parties wasn't a problem to me then. Whereas most of my male friends would be scratching their heads, where to get partner for the dates and parties. Later when I got marry, I found my eldest son was even better than me. At fourteen he was already on love dates. Now! His son had beaten us all flat because he is only at twelve, he has so many admirers and charmers. According to his father, all his girlfriends are pretty, intelligence, have got standard and class. These girls are from other parts of the world because they are all studying in The International School in China. Whereas his dad those days could only afford to influence the not so clever girls or those simple minded friends. Meaning the young grand son of mine has better mind and personality than his father and the grand father, that is me.

Are we both, father and grand dad unhappy with this boy of twelve over his behaviour and character? Certainly not! I think a normal child, especially a boy should go through this process of life. To mix freely with not only his own sex but the opposite sex as well. Talking with boys and mixing with girls is different. He has to be intelligence to understand his friends, and to be smart to capture their attention. The intelligence of him built logical senses and the smartness tickles his creative mind. In this process, he develops braveness and courageous while his personal confidence rises gradually. Most people might think he is naughty but I take it as a learning stage of life and he happened to acquire them much earlier than expected.

I thought was 'like father and like son' but I have to extend this statement as 'like grandfather and like grand son'. Cause my belief is
"Don't wait to make your son a great man - make him a great boy" ~ Author Unknown

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