Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Pride in my profession......

Jenny, as one of my intelligent client asked me today, "Robert, why are you still selling life insurance at your age?" Promptly I replied, "Selling life insurance is my hobby".

To sell life insurance, one needs to have the staying power. Otherwise, along the journey there bound to have distraction, which might deviate the purpose of selling. Money is the prime factor to sell at the beginning, but one must not be too carried away of craving for it. During the last 30 years, there were many times I was offered irresistible and tempting opportunities to change my career. However the love of my selling in this noble profession, never change my heart. I love my clients more. To remain successful in our trade, I have to learn, relearn and unlearn in order to serve well with my supportive clients. It is definitely a long journey. And to stay ahead, I have to keep fit and healthy so that I have the extra energy for my business. Serving more than 1000 clients isn't an easy task, I need all of the inspirations, motivations and courage to remain. Yes! I'm proud and happy that I could last because I have not failed any of my clients who wanted me today. I have kept my words that I would deliver my promises to my clients. I was the one who sold them the policies many many years ago. And today I am
still around to serve and to advise accordingly. I remain a simple and humble life insurance agent till the last breath of my life.

Jenny! Today, I consider myself as not selling anymore, but rather I am actually having all the fun and excitement out of this interesting hobby. If it is not because of insurance, I won't have known you in the first place! You are my client and a very good friend indeed. I pray we could remain here on planet earth for the next thirty or more years to come. You are rest assured, I could still be as naughty as ever to have the strength and enthusiasm to serve. Okay?

Hebbel quotes
“Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.” For Jenny...and I have this passion in my hobby.

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