Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Never thought of retiring!!!

I had a chance to speak to my eldest son on phone yesterday. Though he is staying afar with his family, we always communicate and stay close. A question he brought forward to me. Dad are you retiring? We would be too happy if you could stay with us and let me take care of you.

Those words were pleasant to listen, especially from my caring son. I told him jokingly, if you let me reside with you, do you have all the time to spend with me! Otherwise I might follow you wherever you go, and then I might be a nuisance to you soon. Dad loves to talk and I wonder whether your entire family is prepared to listen to my old stories & tales.

I could sense he wasn't sure whether he could fulfill his father's needs and requirements. The best choice is for father to live independently and has the potential to continue to earn and do well in life. Talking is my interest and selling life insurance allows me to continue talking. The combination of talking and selling is almost like an endless hobby to keep me going for life. In order to move on further in my career, I need to have plenty of courage, confidence and self esteem. To have them, someone must be willing unconditionally spuring and motivating me all the time. Yes! In short dad cannot be living like an old man who is serious and old fashion, when all younger people are afraid to befriend me. I have to be as 'child like naughty' as them, as romantic and loving to mix freely with, and most important to have the guts to fall in love again. Telling my son... you won't be surprised that dad is even more playful than you. He laughed and claimed he understands well my thought.

I talked to my children this way as more like a friend. I wonder how many old folks speak like me. Old in mind but young in heart.

How true -
"The first half of life consists of the capacity to enjoy without the chance; the last half consists of the chance without the capacity" ~Mark Twain


Alvin Foo said...

Hi Dad,

It will be our privilege as your children to care and babysit as both you and mom continue your wonderful journey. While the idea of retirement for you is a little too remote but I want you to know that at any time we are here for you. Ultimately i just want you to be happy and do whatever that will keep you excited, motivated and more importantly feeling young and playful as always.

It will be a waste to see you retiring as there is still so much energy in you that can be put to great use. You will always be a source of my inspiration and i m thankful and grateful for the love and guidance that had been imparted and pls keep them coming.

Though i m thousand of miles away, I will always be close to you dad as i m a mirror image of you. All you need to do is to look at the mirror and you will find your little Alvin.

Robert Foo said...

HI son,

Yes! Like father like son.