Thursday, June 23, 2011

Happiness vs Pleasure!!!

A sweet young thing (SYT) was confronted with this question. What is Happiness versus Pleasure?

I told her.... The human being laughing is not pleasure or happiness. Pleasure comes from external sources whereas happiness is from one's insight or inner sources. Pleasure can be from the worldly possessions whereas happiness can be from sacrifices and compromises. Pleasure can be gaining everything and happiness can be losing everything. Pleasure can be acquired by laughing at someone but happiness is experienced by being happy in someone's happiness. Happiness is eternal whereas pleasure is short lived. Happiness is something that can be felt but cannot be explicated, it is to be earned through sharing as it would accentuate when shared.

The SYT couldn't understand! Ok! Perhaps let me explain by my naughty wisdom. In love making, one has to try his very best to make his female partner excited. Indirectly he is making her happy. The more satisfying and happy is she, the more he would get excited and thrilled as well. The excitement and sensation is the end result which is termed as pleasure from making love. Happiness first and later pleasure. Now the SYT smiled and understood the differences.

This is true fact of life - "The beauty of life does not depend on how happy you are, but how on how happy others can be because of you".

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