Friday, June 10, 2011

How to recharge the confidence & enthusiasm?

Selling tips.

A half dead lady colleague was sending an SOS signal, "Sifu! I have lost all my confidence and enthusiasm in selling insurance. Please help! What is the best way to recharge me again?"

This was what I told her. 'Kindness is the language, the deaf can hear and the blind can see'. I'm so sorry, you don't speak the language of kindness. Selling life insurance needs the language of kindness, otherwise in the long run confidence and enthusiasm would gradually disappear.

Sifu, is there a way to teach me this language of kindness?

Try this my dear. From today onwards, I want you to make everyone smiles and laugh. Whether they are friends or strangers, please attempt this simple gesture of smiling. Most important the gesture must not come with a motive. It has to come from your sincere heart and not the mind to have the intention to sell. If you meet someone in the lift, smile to them. If you are buying the bread from a shop, smile and joke with the shopkeeper. If you see a police officer on the street, smile and wish him a good day. If a friend calls you on the line, try to joke until he laughs. Note down on paper and see what is your score. If you have seen more than 100 faces a day, and you can't make 50 of them smile and laugh with you, continue smiling the next day. If your score is 80 against 100, I'm pretty sure you have master the language of kindness. Believe me, once you understand this language your confidence and enthusiasm would return.

Specially for those who don't smile -
"A kind heart is a fountain of gladness, making everything in its vicinity freshen into smiles" - Washington Irving

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