Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A hungry man is an angry man........

While reviewing one of my clients insurance coverage, I observed some unpleasantness in this home. Both husband and wife are in the early fifties and are not in talking terms. The man looks unhappy and the woman is furious. On further discussion with them, I was able to sense the real problem behind this couple.

The wife has reached her menopause when she no longer interested to have sex with the husband. To her, sex is not important! Whereas the husband is strong and healthy, and is still under employment. However he lacks the enthusiasm and personal drive to excel in his job. On his face, I could see he is a frustrated person.

I threw them this interesting question which most people are reluctant to discuss. What is the best way to solve a man needs in sex, when his woman isn't interested anymore? Should he go for prostitutes, or get a girlfriend, or marry another second wife, or self service himself or abstain totally from it?

Both the couple was shy and was in silent. I continued my story here. As a wife, she likes the husband to do well, and be able to bring in the income for the family. To do that, the man has to be strong and fit, and a healthy man no matter at what age, definitely needs a complete sexual life to satisfy his desire. An unsatisfied man is always an unhappy man. She wants him to perform well in his work but at the same time refuses to provide the intimacy of love. Eventually the misunderstanding of the need and want causes frustration and anger within the both.

Specially for this couple - "Man has one important need, while woman has 99".

Foot for thought - If only she could satisfy his one important need, she could get all her dreams eventually from him.


Anonymous said...

I have lost the interest of having intimacy with my husband, because he is not bringing any income at all to us, not even when we had our intimacy once a long time ago.

I do not see he respects my parents either. No intention to spend more time or even start a topic with my parents during dinner once a fortnight. Not sure if it's due to his prolong unemployment status, he felt everyone in my family is looking down at him.

He is a smart fella, but just too fond of being his own boss and lazy to be connected to the working crowd where he finds excuses escaping from 1 career opportunity to another.

If I started to fulfill his '1' need, it makes me feel like I'm forcing myself, which I have tried having some intimate moment with him for the past 1 month.

I do hope to see some changes after a period of time.


Robert Foo said...

Hi anonymous,
Sex alone isn't enough to bond a couple, true love with care and concern is equally important my dear.