Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Doctors need help too.....

Not all doctors know how to doctor themselves! The last two days, I had a chance to meet two of my doctor friends who are in their sixties. Both are suffering from heart disease. They had been saving other lives for the last four decades but so difficult to treat and care for themselves.

The older male doctor has a painful heart because he and his only daughter are not in good term. Their relationship has gone sour until there is only little hope of returning. Both daughter and father are prideful and have high self esteem in personality. Both refused to give way and are not prepared to listen. The girl has distanced herself afar and the dad is sad and stressful. Knowing them well, my advice to the unhappy man is to forgive the pitiful child. The medicine is to forgive and to forget. "There is no love without forgiveness, and there is no forgiveness without love.” Bryant H. McGill quotes.

The other younger female doctor is a divorcee and a lonesome lady. Two sons have migrated leaving her alone here. Her time is fully being occupied by seeing the sick and not knowing how to appreciate, and enjoy her present life. Seeing her two eyes, I could sense she is an unhappy woman without love. She lacks the hugs and kisses. All living creatures need the skin to skin touches, and human needs even more because we tend to be more emotional in life. The ideal way to soften her aching heart is to fall in love again. Be brave and allow herself to be attracted by the oppositive sex. If only she has a male accompany to be always for her, life will be more interesting. The medicine is love. A special quote says
“I will show you a love potion without drug or herb, or any witch's spell; if you wish to be loved, love”

My medical doctor friends save lives and I being a life insurance agent saves their lives as well. They provide the medicines and I offer wisdom of life.


DengDeng said...

Im too late to read this article!!

My best friend Dr. Teoh passed away due to 4th stage lung cancer.
Will share this blog to his colleges.

Robert Foo said...

Hi DengDeng,

Have not seen you for quite awhile.

Is never too late to learn young man. Hope to see you soon.