Thursday, June 02, 2011

A silent fart........

Are you that really a truthful person? Read on to find out....

Over a friendly discussion with some good friends who looked decent, honest and have good moral standing, suddenly came a silent fart which smelled like shit. It stink horribly and unbearable to all of us. Immediately we had to cover our noses with our hands and handkerchiefs. We stared at each other and asked "Who did that?" Everyone was showing a nope expression. Meaning, NOT ME!!! We were definitely sure was one of us, but the culprit wasn't brave to admit. It could be from a shy lady or an unashamedly gentleman.

Did such occurrence ever happen to you before? Under such circumstances, do you pretend nothing has happened or courageous enough to admit your wrong? I bet most would keep silent as well, and that's why is called a silent fart in the first place.

Note: Do you know a silent fart always smell?

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