Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Best Birthday Wishes.....

A touching wishes I would like to share with the world....

My friend Bob Foo,
Happy 64th b/day! Yes 64 despite everything else in your mind! 
A day that must be reflected to really have a meaningful soul in it! What really is a b/day, other than the norms of well wishes, cakes and drinks and be merry? Someone said:
• The day your Creator decided that you were finally ready to come into the world, from the world in the womb! By His Will, You have successfully come into this world, safely and with all faculties intact. A day that marked another successful year further from the beginning, and closer to the end.  All you have today are his other creations & through his kindness! That you are still breathing His air and drinking His water, all free!  So say thank you to your Creator who is also the Creator of all the Worlds. ( Have we adhered to His guidelines for us on life?) 
• The Day that your mother, after 9 months of carrying you in her body, with all the challenges of pregnancy, had to endure the tremendous pains of labor just to deliver you into this world. To care for you everyday with all her love and dedication until you are fully grown up and able to be independent. She played a large role in what you have become today. So, hug her & say thank you again to your mother.
• The day when care, services, material things, education, food with love and affection were provided to you for all the years until you are able to fend for yourself. He had to labor hard with 'blood, sweat & tears' to ensure all requirements in the house were met. He was your provider. So say thank you to your Father.
Well, my friend Bob, b/days are good days to strongly reaffirm our appreciations to those who have given us the treasures of life that we have enjoyed all these years.  To those that mattered most.
Have a meaningful joyous birthday.


Hi My Good Friend Maram,

I'm indeed touched and delighted with your wisdom wishes. I had never in my life ever received such meaningful birthday wishes. You beat all the wishes, including the best of the Hallmark Birthday Cards available in town. I was once selling The Hallmark Cards in my early days. I had read all their beautiful words written by their renowned writers but you are still the best. With friend like you around who shared the wisdom of life, life is definitely worth living. I would seriously take your advices. Thank you for your wonderful enlightenment. Please allow me to post this touching wishes on my blog. May I?

Robert Foo. 


Anonymous said...

happy birthday to you, Mr. Robert....take care and enjoy yourself nicely...have a nice day ahead. From raj

Robert Foo said...

Hi Raj,

Thank you so much for the wishes too. I am looking forward to have good fun when the sun rises later.

Maram said...

My dear friend Bob,
Have all the fun in this world! For u may not go thru this time again? Life trancends from Good to Great with friends like Bob Foo. Rgds.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Maram,

And you are almost like a God sent friend too.

Maram said...

Hi Bob,
What u said Is almost correct. I came from God and to Him I shall return! So I m not 'almost' god sent, I am indeed truly God sent! Arent we all in the Last Leg of life? Make the most of what remains bro!

Unknown said...

Sorry to say wishing you late But Heart fully saying Happy Birthday wishes to you have a great day