Thursday, December 08, 2011

The reasons why man lives a shorter life than woman.

My personal observation why most aging men failed to stay in their career, or had little drive to live or not happier in their golden age are mainly due to four reasons.

The first is... They spent too much time with their old folks friends or buddies who had no personal drive themselves. Their friends discouraged them to work further. They influenced each others to do nothing, except talking old mother stories. You could see them at old coffee shops, sipping tea and reading newspaper most of the time. Avoid them!

Second... The aging men have no younger friends to spur them. They are too prideful and too proud to mix with their younger generation. They aren't aware that the younger people are also afraid to approach the older folks. Yes! The older mind has experiences and wisdom but they lacked the youthfulness and strength. Suggest... Befriend the youngsters.

Third... They are too lazy to exercise. The vitality and health for any age is still regular exercising.

Fourth... They are afraid to fall in love again. In fact the fourth reason is most important. The logic is... Woman can live without man but man can never live without woman. Some might still have wives around but being stubborn and arrogance, they turn enemies or have misunderstanding with their the other half. They quarrel and fight more then they make love. In the heart and mind, they might still have thought to seek for another woman, but not many would darn to fall for another woman again. They are afraid the families, relatives and friends might disrespect their wrongful involvement with another lady, while their wives are still alive. With a sorrowful and lonesome heart what do you expect out of these aging men. I always said.. A happy heart sees a beautiful world but when your heart is unhappy, the whole world seems ugly and uninteresting anymore. That's why woman usually out lived man wherever they are.

I strong believe - "If women didn’t exist, all the money in the world would have no meaning".


Raja S said...

Sir Elton John will not agree, together with many of the same species! W/o women, give homosex freedom as recently requested, and one will soon get another on one's back pretty soon. And the world will be merry again! And your men friends will be flocking to tackle the famous Robert Foo who is young at heart!

Leyla said...

My dear Robert,
If you think a little deeper, women are part of the grand design! They must exist without the 'ifs'! But it would be a bit shallow to mean that money's existence is only for women. Not even a major reason for it. Isnt it for life and its propagation? To distribute your money generously to help others, your fellow man? Money stashed up in banks count for nothing! The same goes for money splashed on women, esp those who just loves money! We must all learn from your other good articles about earning and giving to the right causes. And only a part of it to our beloved ones???

Robert Foo said...

Hi Raja S,
I believe with Sir Elton John influence and with his kind, they have made our world even more interesting. We have more choices to feel and to think. Right.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Leyla,
The funny part of life is... Man has one important need and woman has 99. It's also stated in one religious book.

For a happy man to succeed in life, he has to get the right woman to love. Willing to earn and let his woman to spend. And that woman is also a willing partner who loves her man whole heartily with passion and understanding.

That is why this proverb is written as... For every successful man, there is a woman besides.

Raja S said...

Dear Mr Robert. Thanks for being so 'open'minded about all that is happening around you, especially being a fan of Elton. One fine day, you may just find yourself being referred to as a darling 'Sir Robert Foo'! Perhaps then the meaning of 'exciting' will finally become crystal clear?

Robert Foo said...

Hi Raja,
Nothing wrong being addressed as Darling Robert Foo. Someone has to feel great for you before this special name is called. Right? We can't call another person when we dislike him or her. If one day, he calls me by that gesture, I would certainly want to know his mind. What I have to let him feel proud and affectionate for me! I'm sure the feeling from a male and female is different. Learning is endless. What say you the young man there who is reading this message?