Saturday, December 24, 2011

Why is Ship called She....

Something interesting....

One explanation that I have always wanted to know is why most ships are referred to in the feminine, why they are usually always called "She."

Wily sailors many years ago came up with this explanation:

A ship should be called "she" because she...

... often has a bustle around her.

... always has a gang of men about.

... has a waist and stays.

... needs a lot of paint to keep her looking good.

... doesn't break you with the initial expense,
   rather with the upkeep.

... can be all decked out.

... needs an experienced man to handle her.

... always shows her topside, hides her bottom, and

...  when coming into port, heads for the buoys!

Now I want to know why most airplanes are also called "SHE."

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