Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Don't compare with others... Be yourself.

Little darling was unhappy recently. The daughter didn't call her because she is currently staying afar abroad. Her brothers and sister aren't sharing the financial support for their ageing parents. Her car is getting old, while all her colleagues are changing to better car. Her girlfriends are all dressed in expensive fashion, while her clothing is simple and cheap. She stays in middle class apartment and most of her rich friends have bungalows. Her colleagues are going for a long vacation in style, and she is wondering whether she could force herself to follow. Pondering and more pondering she is! 

Specially for little darling - "When you are content to be simply yourself and don’t compare or
compete, everybody will respect you" -Lao Tzu


Jeane said...

Hi Mr Robert Foo,
If you know that she is down, and she is in need of some things that can make her happy and she is your little darling, what are you waiting for?? Are you her man? Or are you a bystander, only moving in at 'times'. In your previous article, you believe that without women, life has no meaning. Now, go on help your woman. And show her what you are really made of. A caring loving heart?

Robert Foo said...

Hi Jeane,

Thank you so much for your concern over my little darling. The title here is "Don't compare with others.. Be yourself". Generally it's meant for everyone to see about themselves. I wrote from my day to day observation. What I see... I wrote. The truth from the heart.

I'm so blessed to have my sweet little darling here and equally she is lucky to have me as her mate. She gives her love and I give my support and advices. Everyone makes mistakes in life. Even myself. However little darling is lucky coz i am always beside her to assist and support whenever she faces problems.

If you had a chance to meet her, you would be amazed how happy she is because the man who loves her leads and shows her the path of life.

Yes! To me, woman is important, especially if the woman I love isn't around, life would have no meaning to me any more.

Thank you for your comment. Well written