Wednesday, December 07, 2011


Selling tips...

I used to be asked by rookie agents this question..."What is the toughest part in selling life insurance? My reply is always the same... To discipline oneself!!!

A paid job is one when someone controls and manages you. There are rules and regulations you have to be abide. You have to clock-in and clock-out each day when you need to go to work. You have to report to your immediate boss who instructs and delegates work to you. As long as you follow rules and be able to fulfill all obligations and responsibilities, your salary or income is assured at the end of each month. Simple as that!

Not in selling life insurance. The day I became an agent thirty years ago, I knew I had to set my own destiny. Previously when I was working for someone, other people dictated my future. If they like me, I might have a chance to progress and improve. Otherwise my destiny is more or less under their hand. However an agent is considered a self employed professional. A job or a career without a basic or a salary. Our income is derived from our commission and incentives. As a professional agent, we don't need to report to anyone, and we have no specific time to start and to end our work. Sounds nice! Yes! At the beginning everday is like a holiday. Nobody or a boss to jump on you and you are free to start the day as when you like. Not so nice at the end of the month when you realised that there is no commission in your statement. So! The only way to do well and to see a big fat cheque towards the end is to work hard and see as many prospects as possible. To say it is also easy but to do it is actually difficult to most agents. The reason is... They lack discipline.

A sincere and frankly advice to those who have intention to take up this career... Unless you are a well disciplined person and have self determination, selling life insurance in the long run might be tough.

Something I learned - "One-half of life is luck; the other half is discipline ? and that?s the important half, for without discipline you wouldn?t know what to do with luck."- Carl Zuckmeyer

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