Thursday, December 29, 2011

Speaking with the right tone at the right time

Have you got a powerful and beautiful voice? Yes! All of us have. But do you know how to make use of it. I have a sexy girl friend whose voice is sharp and clear but she doesn't know how to apply the tone of her voice. Each time when she tried to advise or to offer assistance to those who needed help, she tends to speak loud and raise her voice rapidly. Without her realising, her friends or those who were listening thought she was scolding them.

I might not be a voice expert but being a salesperson for 40 years, I know speaking right is important. Each time when we speak, we could either apply a low or middle or high pitch tone. A high tune could be useful for inspiring and motivating someone. You speak aloud with a powerful voice... "Goooooo for it!!!!!!" But when you speak to an older person who might need advice, never use the high pitch tone. The old man might think you are degrading or scolding him. Try to speak with a middle and softer note which might sound more pleasant and friendlier. To a younger or little kid, a low tone is much more approachable to them. Also remember when you are attempting to confess your love, speak confidently with a tender and low pitch tone... "I Love You".

Food for thought - "The real art of conversation is not only to say the right thing in the right place, but to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment" - Dorothy Nevill, writer


Adel said...

true..we must know how to communicate. I'm sure you are good in using your tone as you have met people from all walks of life. A friend of mine, well educated, but the problem is shyness. She can present her paperworks, but her voice is very low pitched. Someone sitting at the back can hardly hear her. She may have a good project, but if her voice is not loud enough to persuade the client, how can she get the project? On the other hand, a male friend of mine used to talk with high pitched.and he is a hot tempered person. Can you imagine how he shouts at his girlfriend? We should learn mannerism as well..

Robert Foo said...

Hi Adel,

I always love to read your comment because you wrote with experience and understanding. I'm also learning much from you too. Thank you.