Friday, December 23, 2011

A Good Handshake....

I like shaking hands with whoever I meet. All my handshakes are firm with full of warm, right from my heart. And I know those who received my hand could feel my sincerity. Through the years, I learn to feel the personalities and qualities of those individuals who allowed me to shake their hands. Each time when another hand is holding mine, I take a quick short moment to grip and to understand that particular person. Is he the friendly and approachable type, or bossy and the serious one! Take my words, the handshake tells.

A successful person has a firm and confident hand. A wealthy person has a broad hand palm with short fingers. Whenever I shake someone hand, I will add a few lines to say.."You have a powerful hand which shows your success" or "Your hand tells you are rich". All men like to hear these compliments. Ladies' handshakes are lighter and softer. My compliments to them are.. "I could feel you are a romantic lady with your tender hand" or    "Your hand reveals you have a loving heart my dear". Believe me! All women loves them too. 

So! If you want to know more about others, be more observance in your future handshakes. Don't forget all approaches start with a good handshake first. Right?

Food for thought - "Experience teaches you that the man who looks you straight in the eye, particularly if he adds a firm handshake is hiding something" -Clifton Fadiman quote

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