Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Who is the most important person to you?

Forty four years ago I attended my first exciting motivational course, namely the Dale Carnegie Class. I was only 20 years young and I was too keen to learn. On one session, our trainer thrown us a question... Who is the most important person to you at this particular moment? We had to write the person down on a piece of paper. To me, I wrote my mother. Though I was an adopted child since birth, my adopted mum raised me with love and kindness. I was so proud to mention her as my most important person. Others wrote their wives or husbands, fathers, sisters or brothers and one wrote his best friend as the most important person.

When the turn for our trainer to mention, he said the most important person at this moment were his students. All of us there were important to him. We were caught with surprise! He explained, your mother could be the most important person in your life but at this moment of time, she isn't around. If something bad happened now, your mum won't be able to save you because she is too far away currently. Whereas the person who is in front of you now, could be able to help and assist you in every way because he is nearest to you at the moment. So treat him or her important. Treat that person as though she is like your mum. Treat him like how you adore your father or treat her like how you love your best friend. 

This explanation was easy for me to understand and I hope you could as well. That class was history to me and ever since then I have had never failed to practise what I was taught. I might be served by a waitress in a restaurant. I make sure I treat him important like my brother. I might be dinning with my client's mother. I made sure she is treated as she is like my late mum. For all my readers who are reading my blog, each and everyone of you is certainly very important to me. I might be busy, I make sure all your comments and emails are answered with love.


Adel said...

U've taught me to appreciate everyone and treat them like my mother. thank you.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Adel,

And I have such good student like you. You make my day.