Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Three types of professional you must know...

I use to advise all my friends, three types of professional they must know while they are still alive. They are a doctor, a lawyer and a life insurance agent.

A good doctor and as a friend to you could save you in any eventualities. Just imagine if you need an emergency assistance in the late night, when your life is at stake which doctor could you call. If you have a closed doctor friend, he would not hesitate to call over even if is late.

In our corrupted societies, our working world is quite uncertain and unsecured. There are too many hidden lines, rules and regulations, and laws which might be too difficult for the layman to understand. A good lawyer friend is the best recommendation to seek for enlightenment.

Please don't forget to befriend a committed Life Insurance agent. He could offer you the real peace of mind to save guide the financial uncertainties in the event of death, sickness and total disabilities in you. The man might have gone due to passing away, the faithful agent friend remains with his family to provide all financial assistance. 

Please Remember - "Worries, fears, desires, restlessness, nervousness drive peace of mind away".

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