Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Numbers are important in life...

Numbers are important in our lives. Our birth is determined by our birthdays and all citizens of the world are registered with a passport number. These numbers cannot be removed and they are very significance to the rest of our lives. To those who believe in Numerical Studies, certain numbers could be helpful to their businesses or careers. Chinese likes the number '8' which portraits prosperity and '4' is a negative number.

In numbering I always think of my telephone number. My house, office and my hand phones are registered with numbers specially hand picked by myself. All my friends, relatives and clients know these phone numbers because these are numbers which were set many years ago. Is easy for them to remember and I won't change them at any cost. These telecommunication numbers represent my value and identity, and it's convenient for people to contact me.

In the course of my business, if I met any new acquaintances who frequently changed their hand phones numbers, I would immediately take extra precautions in knowing them. My experiences tell that people of such are usually not reliable, tricky or problematic. Those who are still young at their early twenties might be innocent to me, but definitely not those who have gone passed the forties and above. I can't imagine why they should be changing their phone numbers so very often, unless they are up to something bad or unpleasant. When an evil person who has bad intention, he would never value an old number. However when one who has all the good thought for others, the old numbers are most valuable to him.

So the next time if you happened to meet a new friend, check on his phone number. Ask him how long has he kept this number. If the number is taken since he used the hand phone, I bet with you... you can trust this friend. Especially for girls meeting boys. 

I like this quote - 

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.”-COCO CHANEL


Adel said...

it's true robert.
i've been using the same number since my mother bought for me my first handphone 6 years back. and i've received text from friends, asking me to save their new number as they no more use their old number, or their phone gt lost.
Your point here is true, we must be extra cautious with these type of people. And I noticed you have a new label today, 'number is important in our life'.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Adel,

You are truly a trusted person my dear and I'm lucky to have known you here. Thank you for highlighting the label which I had forgotten to note. I'm trying to use the new format created by Blogspot.