Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Decision and Promises

"Always remember two things.....

Don't take any decision when you are angry.

Don't make any promises when your are happy.

Remember these..for the rest of our lives".

They sounded simple but yet we failed most of the times when we were facing with anger or overjoyed with emotion. During those moment of feelings, we tend to make wrong decision without realizing our mistakes.

When two lovers are confronted with quarrel, their anger makes them to say the wrong words or statements which might not be meant that way. Rather to offend each other, the best is to say nothing or make any nasty decision at that moment of time. I had experienced such wrong decisions, thrown to people I loved. Of course later I regretted for my wrong doings. To those who are reading this article now, especially those whom I love: Please forgive me for whatever wrongs or mistakes I had spoken then.

Even when we are happy, don't promise any thing at that moment of time. Give ourselves a little time to ponder about the subject. Surely we think better that way. Don't rush to marry a person when you think you love her /him now. Say yes only when you know her/ him more.

I wish I should have known these simple rules much earlier in my lives, when I could have made lesser mistakes. Nevertheless is not too late to let my readers know and understand them now. This is the true facts of life.


Anonymous said...

It is become more true facts of life especially when it’s happened in front of the eyes of a child. I am glad I had gone through that life earlier, no matter how deep the scars left inside. It’s become a big pillar to make lives better.

Say nothing and silent when confronted with quarrels and angriness, and always gratitude when happiness fill up the life. Good decisions will lead us when we are calm and forgiving.

Thanks for sharing this. Will my life pillar become more stronger and yours too.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Awien Ghazi...

I am amazed, even at your young age, you could think and accept such deep thoughts now. I am sure your future is bright and interesting. Thank you for reading my blog.