Friday, May 16, 2008

Control your own destiny.

Maram is a senior manager with a big corporation would be retiring soon. He has no intention to continue with his important position. According to him, he felt that his time had been controlled by his work. He had been working extremely hard for almost 30 years with this corporate world, when he had hardly any time for himself. He is successful but his destiny is being controlled by others to a certain degree. He preferred to be like me, who is self employed. I don't have to report to any bosses. I work according to my convenient and time. I pick the people I like to meet and see. I write my pay cheque depending on the effort I brought in. Indirectly I control my own destiny.

Maram considered me as luckier than him. It might be a 'yes' or perhaps could be a 'no' as well. As a self employed person, I have all the time for myself, compare to those who have to report to others. Like Maram, he has to start at seven in the morning and could be home only late night at eight. If I don't need to meet any one in the morning, I can stay back at home and enjoy the early peace with a good breakfast. Sometimes when I don't feel like working, I can return home at any time without fear. My leave entitlement is up to me to decide. At any time, when my little darling wants to go holiday with me, I can fly off without bothering what is happening in the office. Coz I have a full time secretary to handle my business matters. My income is based on my own personal merit and not by the discretion of the company I represent. Definitely these are the plus points to be working for yourself.

Being self employed is like a rose and not forgetting rose has thorns also. To be self employed, you have to be self discipline which most find it difficult to manage. Reporting to a job is a must by rules. However when you are on your own, you might be at lost when to start and when to end. If you are too comfortable when you don't need to report to any one, the chances are, you might finally not knowing what to do. Most life insurance agents fail gradually in this business, is mainly due to indiscipline of themselves.

Controlling one's destiny is good. However not everyone is capable to do so. So before you decide to consider to work for yourself, make sure you are truthful to yourself again. Are you the type who can self motivate your own or rather you are the type who needs others to motivate and advise you from time to time.

I might be lucky as Maram claimed, but equally I consider Maram as lucky too. After all these years of hard work, he has climbed the ladder of success within his glamorous industry and also highly recognised internationally. Maram, I do admire you as a true friend and as a faithful employee.

Food for thought - "Enjoy the journey, enjoy every moment, and quit worrying about winning & losing" - Matt Biondi


Anonymous said...

Hi Young Man!
You are right! We can create & conrol our own destiny. Thank you for sharing with us.
From Yound Kat

Mohamed Ihsan said...

You're exactly correct Mr. Foo, self-employed people must have self-motivation and decipline as well.

Well, I would like to share something that I stongly believe, "If you can conquer (control) yourself, you may conquer the world!".

Thanks for highlighting these hidden secrets... :)

Robert Foo said...

Hi Young Kat & Ihsan..

I am glad you both had accepted my view. Thank you.