Sunday, May 11, 2008

Are all men corrupted in sex?

My little darling asked, "Dear, whenever man asks, requests or even says something to a woman, he has intention to have sex with her. Including me as well. Is that true?"

What she meant was, when ladies ask things with men, they never have the thought of having sex. Whereas men always have the corrupted intention. Example: Can I have tea with you/ have sex after tea. Can I massage your back/ in favour you give me sex. Shall we go for a movie/ sex later. These were my little darling perception against men.

I explained to her. Our world has the bad and good people. We have the gentlemen and the non gentlemen. A gentleman sees first the beauty of a woman externally. He appreciates the attractiveness and personality of those ladies he looks upon. Later he talks to them to understand their thoughts and thinking. He could sense the intelligence of their mind and to feel the love of their heart. If he finds one who has the beauty of the external plus the inner, he admires her as a total wholesome person. If he finds one who touches his heart, certainly he would fall for her. Sex would not appear in his mind until the lady has accepted him as her love. This man is termed as a true gentleman because he is a polished and a refined person who understands the principle facts of life. On the other hand, the non gentlemen are the opposite. Upon seeing an attractive and sexy woman, he would try all out to approach her with intention to have sex then.

To my little darling, man has the good and the bad type. Equally I believe, there are the intelligence and not so intelligent women. The smarter ladies know the difference of a real gentleman or not. Sorry to say, those who are not so smart women, tend to be carried away by the witty men around. I might be a cheeky and naughty man, but I have a noble love in heart. I trust you are intelligence enough to judge whether I am a true gentleman or not. Not all men are bad! Just that, whether you are smart to get one who really love you whole heartily.

Food for the heart; "F.E.A.R. - False Evidence Appearing Real."


Anonymous said...

Thank you darling for having a noble love in heart...I love U..

Robert Foo said...

Hi...who is that little darling there...I also love u so much....

Anonymous said...

Thanks Robert... good article to read... God bless you.. I really appreciate when you said "the world has the bad and good..they are to be split... they can't be separated"

So wise advice..

Thank you


Robert Foo said...

Hi deepa..

I hope my title here would change your perception of man. I am sure you are a smarter lady who could see the different of man's characters. Thanks for coming back again.