Friday, May 23, 2008

Smile create more smiles.

This was what my little darling used to say, 'smile is free but yet not many of us smile'. Just like when you want to be happy, prepare to make others happier first. Even in church, when we said 'Peace Be With You', the Father always said, "Please say this with a smile." Smile can relax and exercise our skin and facial. Smile changes our mood and improve our body posture. Those who smile more often are usually healthy and good looking. My little darling is a very pretty and cheerful person because she smiles a lot.

To test how smile works wander on strangers, I showed it to my little darling while jogging in a nearby running park. There were many joggers and brisk walkers around. They were only to themselves without any expression of feeling while exercising. I told myself, I would be different from others who were serious and unfriendly. As a first jogger who was about to approach us in the opposite direction, I looked at him with a friendly smile. Upon reaching, I raised my arm and waved at him with a positive 'Hi!'. He was caught for a moment but he also replied with a broad smile plus shaking his head to acknowledge my smile in return. My little darling was taken aback with surprise. It proved, a smile could lead to another smile. I kept smiling with more 'hi' given to those that came along. Almost everyone returned my smiles with gesture. From strangers at the beginning but later we became friends. I had my fun while jogging. Most important, my heart felt extremely excited and joyful, for I knew happiness could be only gathered if you are willing to make others happier.

My little darling was wondering, why I was not shameful or scared to approach strangers. I told her, actually I was also scared at the start but the thought of wanting to have fun and be happy in heart, overruled the fear and timid of my mind. Jog with a smiling face and you will make many happy hearts.

Food for the heart - "When fear enters your heart, diffuse it with love. With love, anything is possible."


Reem said...

You know that really is true because sometimes I'll be walking down the street and I'm not necessarily in the greatest mood and someone walking towards me will smile or say, "good morning" and I can't help but smile back. I thought it was funny how this stranger that did nothing but merely smile at me could change my mood so much.

Reem said...

By the way I'm 17 years old (female since some people wouldn't be able to tell from my name)

I really enjoy reading your blog, I think it's exactly what I need.

Anonymous said...

Darling Robert,

What you said is true. I've encountered some strangers smiling at me and without any hesitation, I will feed back to them with a sweet smile.

It makes me feels happy doing so and I'm sure the other party is feeling the same too.


Jenny Lee

Anonymous said...

That’s true but not only smile, sometimes giving compliment to strangers will make others happy too.

Once, when I went window shopping at MValley, there I saw an Indian couple - age like you, sitting nearby. The wife was wearing a very beautiful saree. I couldn’t help not to keep looking at her and she noticed me. I believe she’s felt awkward with my staring eyes, so I smile to her & she’s smile back.

At that moment, I approached her with my usual cheeky ‘Hi!’ and gave compliment about her saree and I told her hubby, his wife is beautiful. They were caught for a moment too, but guess what, she let me hold and touch a bit the saree, my goodness the fabric was so smooth, very soft cream colour, and the flower print so pretty and cute. She definitely looked good in that saree.

I know it’s weird, but IF I being shy and not to express what I feel good about to no matter whom, macam satu kerugian, at least I know where she bought the fabric. After what happened, I bet, I made their day too.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Awien Ghazi...

Love has magic. If we could give love sincerely, it will create the magical power you never be able to imagine. Just that...u have to believe it. Thanks again with your sharing.

Robert Foo said...

Hi my dear Jenny...

Don't wait for others to smile. Try smiling for others more. You will be amazed how wonderful you are.

Calling me darling, is like a sweet smile for me. Thank you so much for such compliment given.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Reem..

I am glad you like my blog. Please continue reading them and I am sure you will gain more. Keep smiling.

Anonymous said...

Hi Young Man!
I would like to share this little poem with you & your readers:

Thank God for everyday of your life
Greet the day with a happy smile
Be grateful to whoever you meet
Believe that life is great and fine

By practicing the above poem, you
will be able to create many happy hearts. What do you think?
From Young Kat

Robert Foo said...

Hi Young Kat....

I totally agreed with your poem. Lets keep smiling all the way to enter the world with a Happy Heart. Thanks again...