Sunday, May 25, 2008

Meow!!! Cat's greeting with the head.

Hugging is good but heads knock with each other is even better. I learned it from cats when I was young. My late mother loved cats. We used to keep few cats at home. Cats like to cuddle with each other when they sleep together. When both mates play, they prefer to lean on to one another. They move their heads against each other necks and their tails twist cross together. At this posture, they look relax and calm. Usually they acknowledge their contentment by sounding their meow...meowwwwww!!! I believe cats are very passionate animals.

As a little boy, I like being tapped upon my head with my mum forehead. The touching of our heads could be felt with acceptance and affection. The few seconds of closeness were so meaningful to me then. Each time, when I had done well, my mum would acknowledge me the head touch too. Although my mother had left long time ago, I still could remember her caring knocks on my forehead.

Today all lovers know the hugs and kisses in romance. Not many understand the head touch of love. I am lucky my little darling accepted this gesture of cat behaviour. We hug together with a head knock which created a stronger impact and warm. To personal friends we met, we knocked and rubbed their heads, instead of the common way of shaking hands. They just like the new way to meet.

Elbert Hubbard - "The love we give is the only love we keep."

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