Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Creative replies inspire others.

To ask effectively is to gain result and replying creatively is to inspire. There are many ways to answer a question. To add character and sweetness in answering could bring better acceptance. The most popular question ask is, "How are you?" Is commonly replied with I am fine or ok or I am alright, thank you. Personally I feel those replies are rather flat and uninteresting. I always put extra effort to reply that question. I prefer to say, "I am fine. More so to see you calling me at the moment." Or perhaps, "Your call make me feel so wonderful." Or, "Nothing is happier to see you around."

Replying with 'I am fine' is one way energy to the receiver. On the hand, 'Your call make me feel so wonderful' is two ways energy. The receiver gains and the giver also benefits in return. Any thing that has two ways with 'give&take' is a positive attitude of two minds.

Lovers could be more intimate if they communicate with the right answering. Some darlings could be asking, 'how much do you love me?' If you are an unromantic lover, your reply could be just, 'I love you a lot.' If my little darling asks me, I will tell her, "I love you from your head right to you toe, deep into your heart until I go crazy."

Asking and replying are a skill. If you know how to combine them well, most likely you will stand tall among your community. Hope my readers would try.

Food for thought - "Only knowledge is thoughtfully absorbed, can it become your own wisdom."


Anonymous said...

lol you are so right. Whenever I asked my hubby if he loves me , he will say of course I do. Or if I ask whether he misses me when I am away, he said again reply of course. Boring answers aren't they?


Robert Foo said...

Hi Vicky....

Someone has to inspire him. Ask him to read my blog. Perhaps it would change his outlook. Thanks for telling me...I was like him too. My little darling changes me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Young Man & Readers!

Thank you for reminding us about creative replies. Character is the first and last word in a successful person.

SMILE! SMILE! SMILE! You are on robertfoo.blogspot.com.
It's only words and words are all we have to take your heart away! Kindness & Love will help to make a Happy World!

Be Happy & Be Wise!
From Young Kat

Robert Foo said...

Hi Young Kat...

Thankyou for your smiling comments. Although I could not see you but I can feel your smile.