Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Wine and women.

Around the corner of my neighbourhood, there is a little coffee shop. It is very popular with their western meals. They served cheap and delicious food. Recently I noticed, those older male customers were taking their meals with beers as well. They ordered their beers not that they enjoyed them but rather there were three sexy sales Carlsbery promoters who were promoting their brand. I was not spared either when I patronized this place. First was the younger sales promoter who politely came to my table to try and sell me her beer. I replied with a broad smile to say no. Not giving up hope, the three returned again later to persuade me to buy one. They really tried all approaches. They threw me with sexy smiles, swung their lovely hips and swollen breasts. They were trying to out-sell another high nut salesman here. Finally they took defeat because I still insisted a 'no' as a reply. My principle in life, I buy what I need & I drink what I think is best for my body. I felt pitiful to the older uncles around who were succumbed by attractive ladies. They bought their beers out of temptation or weak hearted. Or perhaps wine & women always come together as a pair.

Some said, "A great life for man is wine, music & women." To me is, "A great life for me is wine, music & one sweetheart."


Anonymous said...

Dear Steady Robert,

Whoever your sweetheart is, she is really lucky to have you as her companion.

Not may guys can stand strong as you are.

How I wish I was as lucky as her!

With Hope
Jenny Lee

Robert Foo said...

Hi Jenny Lee..

If a man and a woman loves each other whole heartily with passion and desire, true love will appear. Love has the magic.

I believe myself & my sweetheart have the magic of love to make things possible for us to be happy.

Your compliment really melts my heart. Thank you so much.