Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Growing up verses Growing old

Looks like when a person is aging, his value also decreases.

But the fact is;

It takes time to learn and only when you are old,

perhaps you might gain some wisdom of life.

But again, when you are there, your value is no longer needed.

Could these be true facts of life.

I perceived the above was a way of life. Seeing those who are retiring when the age limit is due. Pensioners are seldom given options to continue to work with their skill. Even if they do, they are always victimized by their employers. I had a classmate who was working with an airline for many years as a senior manager. Quite comfortably was he paid. He even had opportunity to travel half the world with his loving wife before he left the company. Upon reaching 56, by appointment he had to leave his 30 years of experience job for good. Physically he is still fit. Sad to say, today he works only as a personal driver to a younger corporate manager. From my chat with him, he sounded depress and unhappy with his age. He lost his confidence because he thinks he is growing old.

Think of growing old is certainly sad but to think as you are still growing up is challenging.

I read a book, " Healthy Living" by Dr Bob from the States, who said that everyone of us can live up to 100 years. He is currently 86 years young. He is even fitter and more muscular than when he was at 16. When he was 60, he was aging rapidly. He gave up his medical practice to concentrate in developing his own health. He is not growing old any longer but rather he is still growing up now. Buy his book and see for yourself whether his physical posture can inspire you.

Immaterial of what age we are, I believe we are still growing up. When we were a child, we acted childishly and playful in nature. As we grew a bit grow older, we were given more responsibility and more tasks to accomplish. As we turned adulthood, we lost our playfulness without realizing it ourselves. At middle age, we continued to learn the progress of life. However, as we aged further, we tend to forget our childhood innocent. Perhaps at that point of time, you might think you are already old when most won't like that feeling of aging.

In order not to think we are getting old, it is nice to remember and to feel our childishness of our past. Recall and feel our childhood memories. Those past little childhood's happenings could tickle your heart and mind. Be brave to have some naughtiness in this period of time. After all naughtiness could be considered as the bad or the good kind. Pick some good naughtiness in you, they would make your heart younger. Don't listen to the old because they always behave to be much older. Naughtiness is something disrespectful to them anyway. In fact, good naughtiness create fun and joy. It enhances the overall mindset of a person. You feel much younger and more active in life. That is the time you know you are not growing old any more, but rather you are still growing up with life.

Growing up is interesting because age isn't the limit any more. You look towards life more willingly and eagerly. With a wisdom mind and knowledge thought at this golden age, you understand lives clearer and better. Growing up encourages you to maintain a regular exercise to keep the body fit and sound. Conclusion: Have a wisdom mind and healthy physical to growing up.


Anonymous said...

Hi Young Man!
I have a few lines to share.

Every man is the maker of his own
Learn to live and live to learn
Please use well the goldem moment
Do not give up and live life to the full
A strong will is all powerful
When we only wish to do well, we always succeed

I sincerely hope your readers will be encouraged to grow up by your
wisdom and kind thoughts.

Be Young, Be Naughty, Be Brave &
Be Wise !!!!

From Young Kat

From Young Kat

Robert Foo said...

Hi Young Kat...

Marvellous poem that you shared. I really like this few words ..."Learn to live & live to learn"...which I am trying to do at this moment. Thanks again.