Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Closing a sale is as pleasurable as making love.

Selling is as pleasurable as sex to me. To appreciate love making, one should know the various steps to satisfy a love partner. The steps could be like; when, where, mood, patience, understanding, caring, pleasing and finally ends it with a good sex making. To have a romantic love session, we have to plan according to convenient time. A rush rush situation could dampen the mood of both lovers. The place of romance has to be conducive with suitable environment. Blended with wine and music, the feeling could be ideal. The man has to be patience not to over react or over excited. His words have to be sweet and nice. His approaches have to be charming with pleasantness. His heart has to be sincere and tender. His body has to be flexible with arms and hands to move right accordingly. He talks softly and gently, added with the potion of kisses. He knows how to detect the acceptance signal. Confidently he clears the passage by undressing the willing partner. His skill is sharp to push the right G spot for the cry of wanting more. Yells and shouts are thrown to witness the satisfying partners. One who serves and the other to appease.

In selling the approaches are quite similar with love making. The timing of a sale is vital importance. You don't sell to a prospect who is busy or not at the right frame of mind. The place to discuss business has to be suitable. Quiet with a friendly environment as well. The salesperson has to be patience. He has to listen and to understand his prospect needs and wants. His heart has to be kind and willing to serve. His speaks the truth with a forceful personality. A skillful salesperson knows how to detect buying signals from his prospect. With confidence, he signs the prospect without any objection. He presses the right G spot, when the prospect is too happy to pay in kind. Hooray and congratulation are exchanged to determine a satisfying customer and a pleasing sale. One who buys and one who sells.

Be a good lover to enjoy the romance of love with a satisfying soul mate. If you are in sale, master the selling process to enjoy the countless sales with excitement. Each successful sale could motivate you to reach orgasm, characterized by the same strong feelings of pleasure gain in sex making.

From my little darling who share this phrase - "Do what you love - love what you do."

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