Thursday, May 22, 2008

Loving someone isn't wrong.

I received an interesting comment posted by a reader under my title, "Express gratitude joyfully & opening." She wrote,"Great words and great story! But sometimes men act so illogical, that we, women, can't understand them..and we don't know how to act, because we are afraid..for instance, I fell in love, but I really afraid , that this man doesn't feel the same feelings.. and I don't want my heart to be hurt. Tell me..please can a woman do the first step in the relationship. Is it right or wrong?"

I told her that loving someone is not wrong. Also never be afraid to fall in love. Normally is man leads and woman accepts. However not all men are intelligent and courageous. They have the same timid feeling like women. Outwardly they are bold looking but seeking courtship some men could be shy. My elder son is a naughty boy who has little problems in mixing with girls. My second son is much handsomer who is shy with ladies. It was his understanding wife who encouraged him at the beginning. Otherwise, he might remain to be a bachelor now.

There is no right or wrong for woman to take the first step to initiate a relationship with a man she likes. After all love could be developed from friendship first. It is the understanding and attention nurture with each other that love would blossom gradually. There is a saying, "no pain no gain." Moreover mistakes are teachers of life, including love mistakes. So the next time, if you happened to notice a shy handsome man you adore, offer him a sexy smile and await the magic of love to strike.

Food for the heart - "Smiling is infectious. You catch it like the flu. When someone smiled at me today, I started smiling too."


LadyVanity said...

awww hehehe...
yes you men can be pretty baffling. tsk...

but ur right about making the first move... hehe... i can tell from experience... (thats y im blushing so much n smiling while im typing this!!) my current bf is a wonderful, and loving man. he is a personal trainer and a bodybuilder who competes at state level... he can look very fierce and intimidating outside but deep down he's actually a shy, gentle guy!!

i chased him for 9 months before he realised i was in love with him. feel like knocking his head... haha.

Robert Foo said...

Hi my dear..

I am glad you came back again. Great of u to understand the character of man's behaviour. Sometimes, good things don't come easy. U are much luckier, I took 15 yrs to chase my little love. Thanks again for your brave comment.