Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fantasize the place to make love.

Over a recent party with some interesting friends, we were sharing some wild thoughts on love making. We agreed that most couples seldom have guts to explore and experiment on sex. For instance, most love making is done on the comfortable of a bed. So much so, after a long period of time, these couples might loose interest on love making coz sex turns boring and unexciting any more. During this sharing session, all of us with males and females around, agreed to forward their best experiences, ideas or suggestions. Our topic was, 'Where to fantasize a place to make love.'

The first lady who shared with us, she prefers to make love in the bathroom rather than the bedroom. There is the shower or the bathtub with the running water to create the romance of fantasy. MMMMM!! It sounded nice from a female.

From another gentleman who claimed that occasionally he and his wife made love in the kitchen. His wife loves it so much there. Could be the kitchen is her paradise.

Going up a lift of 20 floors could also be an ideal place for a quickie one. Both have to be bold and willing to try. Cinema is a common place for the young but the older couples should also try once in a while. If you have a car and have never try making love in it, is really a waste. Do it before your car is being taken away. For something high flying, attempt to make love in the toilet of a flying jumbo jet is challenging. However you have to do in quietly without interfering other passengers.

All sounded interesting, not until when my turn came. Making love in a washing machine is unimaginable. This is supposed to be the French popularity, a style that thrills all places you could think off. In the washing machine, the couple hugs and holds each other tight, while the machine rolls and spins. I believe the French washing machine could be larger than our normal machines available in Asia. Given a choice, if my little darling is brave to roll and spill with me in the wonder machine of romance, I will be too happy to accept the trial.

Love is exciting if only when one is prepared to explore. If you were in love but no longer in love now, please do something immediately. Don't live a monotonous love life. Make things different in every way, including the places you make love. It will spice up your love feeling and enhance a better relationship with your partner. Like George Washington said, "Do the common things, in an uncommon way. The world would be at your command." Or should I say, "Do make love, but make love in an uncommon way. The romance world would be at your command."

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