Saturday, May 17, 2008

The old has to live along with the young.

Today I visited two old friends, one is a medical doctor and the other is a dentist. They are about my age but I think I look much younger than them. From their discussion, I knew they had lost the enthusiasm of life. They worked for the sake of working without much passion in their practices anymore. I guessed as they are doctors, they had been seeing the sick patients for too long in lives. Their works are surrounded within the four walls of medicine without seeing much of the interesting world of the outside. I noticed they are living in a world of the past, when they had refused to accept the present. The present is exciting and lively with so much to learn and to explore. Their children all carry hand phones, when the fathers still depend on normal fixed lines. They find text messaging on mobile phone is difficult to learn. They bought computers for the families and hardly understand what the internet is all about. To write to them you still have to use paper, when the email is more practical to apply. Looks like they are actually living in their own world of misery and frustration.

I told them to change their way of life and thinking. If they want to live on, they have to accept and understand the youthful way of living. The young will not accept the old, if the old has pride to recognise them. The young can learn much from the old, as the old has knowledge and wisdom of thoughts. However if the old is not interested to change, then the young will also have the fear to approach them for advices and guidances. I find it very easy to go along with the young because I enter their gate way with a happy heart. I lever down my status and position, and instead talk to their tune of love. The young is playful but I could be much naughtier than them. They have drive but I have greater motivation than them. They seek for romance but I have more secret admirers. They surf on the net when I write blog for them to read. They are knowledgeable in many ways but I help them to understand a bit more with the wisdom of life.

To my both doctors friends, the world survives only if the old and the young can understand each other. Young is temporary, when old is more of permanent. To be happier, don't forget the young. And equally the young has to accept us, as old has to come one day too

Chinese proverb - "A diamond with a flaw is worth more than a pebble without imperfection."

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