Thursday, May 31, 2007

Are we violent, senseless and heartless?

Be careful when you are driving in town because there are many road bullies who are violent and dangerous. I didn't believe until last year when I was hit by one who refused to admit his wrong. He was a young driver and together with his friend, he attacked me and also tried to threaten me with aggression. I had to rush to the Police before he caused me any harm.

I think the Malaysian are getting out of hand without consideration to others and behaving ruthlessly. Read the recent news, where it was reported how a woman was tailed by armed group after involving in an accident in Puchong. Her car rear and front windscreens were later smashed. Later when the son came to rescue his mother, they were surrounded by a group of men with parangs and iron rods. Separately son and mother drove to lodge a police report. Unfortunately along the way, out of panic the mother met another serious accident. The son immediately took her to the nearest private hospital. Spoken by the son, "However the hospital demanded RM10,000 for my mother's operation but I only had RM250 with me. They make us wait an hour before transferring her to Hospital Kuala Lumpur." Because of the long delay, this woman died three hours after she was admitted to HKL.

This meaningless tragedy showed how senseless and heartless we are, although we claimed that Malaysian are always friendly and sincere in thought. Our youths are violent and ruthless, and our so called professionals who are supposed to be noble in their practices are only out to make money more than considering to save lives first.

"It is good for a person to earn money for his needs. It is the hunger for wealth that is bad." This proverb depicts the moral of the incident.

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