Thursday, October 18, 2007

Beauty alone without love isn't complete in life!

I have known a lady friend for some years. She is attractive, pretty and a smart female. Except she has no love in her eyes. She likes to dress well and loves to beautify herself whenever she meets others. She is a learner and willing to work hard. However with all these qualities, she finds excelling in her career as difficult. With my understanding, she was frank to reveal that she doesn't like to have sex with male. She sees sex as sinful and vulgar. She looks at sex as lust and temptation rather than as affection and love. Because of her negative thoughts toward sex, she is afraid to fall in love with man. Whenever any men approach her with a little intention or kindness, she cuts them off quickly. She looks adorable from the outside but has no love inside.

I believe she is confused, frustrated and stressful. She claimed that she dresses well to appease herself all the time and not for the purpose to show to others. But in fact, without her knowing, psychologically she has the intention to show her beauty to others as well. I believe everyone on earth likes to be appreciated and admired in look and mind. She could be frustrated to see many happy and loving couples but not herself. She might have experienced some or one unsuccessful relationship before, which made her afraid to fall in love again. My only advice is; mistakes are our teachers. They taught us to be better, including love mistakes. She is a single mother with two young children who need her attention and guidance. With a heavy role to play plus a challenging career, she is tired and stressful I believe. Can't blame her because she doesn't know where to source for energy and motivation!

She has forgotten the world is created with LOVE. Without the existence of Adam and Eve, to those who believe, love would never be around. Love has miracle. Love enhances strength and energy. If only this attractive and smart lady gives herself a chance for another deserving man to fall in love with her again, I strongly think she will be happier a person. Not all men are bad. Some are devoted lovers too. I am sure as she is also a learner, she should be able to sense and feel whether a truly loving man is around for her. Provided she has to allow that chance for herself. I hope and wish, this lady friend will meet that man of choice to enlighten her life again. With love, her life is definitely complete and meaningful.

Quote by Teilhard de Chardin, "Driven by the forces of love, the fragments of the world seek each other so that the world may come into being. Love alone is capable of uniting living beings in such a way as to complete and fulfill them, for it alone takes them and joins them by what is the deepest in themselves."


Anonymous said...

Nice saying Robert…
I really like when you said “Love has miracle”. It does.
I’m saying by my personal experience.
I’ve a suggestion for your smart lady, “Take time to know a person. I personally believe men mostly understand lust as love in their early ages. They may be smart and successful mentally. But emotionally they grow late. I’ve seen men just to pretend true love for something else. Its’ like a trap. Here I’m not generalizing men. Coz I have seen and experience true love. And I know its existence. She should be very careful to judge a person first. Always remember true love respects for what you are and can wait but lust can’t. And should listen to her heart. Heart always says ‘yes’ without hesitation for true love. “


Robert Foo said...

Hi Deepa,

Thank you for reading my blog again. More so this meaningful comment which I hope this smart lady may read. U are truly an understanding female with love.