Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Live a balanced & rounded life

Is alarming to know there are high separation and divorce in families, when women turn to working life. I notice more on career ladies, especially those on sales. Before, women look forward to marry the right men to provide. Today, women are smarter and they have opportunities to compete with men in the corporate world. With their wits and fancies, ladies prefer to work and be independent rather than be dependable on men.

Is seldom to have a successful aggressive lady to do well in her career and yet have time to manage her home and to care the young and the old. Men are easier to manage their time. After all men need not have to produce baby and to face the regular monthly menstruation of female. To do well in work is marvellous but to be too aggressive at work and forget the home and your loved one is sad. Many a time, when ladies are given the chances to sell, they really work to the utmost and forget their priorities. They seek for fame and achievement beyond doubts. Twenty five years ago, our company top 10 sales producers were all male. Today all these ranking had been taken over by ladies. Is definitely a great achievement for women at the sacrifice of the families and the love for man.

To me is a scary vision of the present life. At the way we live, there will be more broken homes. Children have to live with single parent. Grand parents have to be sent to the old folk homes. Men have to live alone without love. Women lead the world and men follow.

Whatever it is, I still think the best way to live, whether is a man or a woman, is to live with a balanced and rounded life. At the end of our life journey, when we look back, we will not regret what we have done and completed. We may have the knowledge to seek a good career, but we also need to have the wisdom to understand the purpose of life here. After all we only have one time to live in this world. Live a balanced life!

The Million Dollars Round Table recommends to live a happy & successful life by the whole person concept; Career, Education, Community, Family, Health, Financial & Spiritual.


Anonymous said...

"Is alarming to know there are high separation and divorce in families, when women turn to working life."

So, are you saying that women who want to work are to blame for the high divorce rate?

Robert Foo said...

Thanks for reading this article Anonymous.

Man and woman have to be blamed. If both were to have lived a balanced life together, life would have been better.

Before, when women were given lesser chance to work outside, separation and divorce were hardly known.

Not is alarming. We should try to understand society problems. Knowledge isn't enough. Perhaps wisdom of life can refine knowledge.

Whoever you are! At least you are here to comment and offer some suggestion, if you can.

Thanks again.

Unknown said...

Hi Robert,
The solution for married couples to get along in life, they must have a good sex life. Just look back at our older generations where having many children was the norm.You seldom heard of divorce cases back then.Again arranged marriages was quite common and yet the couples stay married.
Why? There was less GREED. They were satisfied with what they had in life. Today we do not know what is ENOUGH.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Iblee,

Thanks again for the wise comment given. I think you are not just knowledgeable in life but u certainly have wisdom as well. Hope to hear from u more.