Tuesday, October 09, 2007

No sex is bad for health.

Lee was one handsome, fit and wise man of the mid sixty, who frequently works together with me at our gym club. He was working hard on the fit strider machine when I pondered him with some fun, "Young man, u love this strider a lot?" He responded, "Yes! this is the only machine that can pump my heart to a beat of 130 and more." I added, "Surely u have another machine at home, on the bed which can pump better. Isn't it?" The wise man with a young heart replied, "Definitely! Another form of exercise is sex which regulates our heart effectively."

Although he was still exercising on the fit strider, he continued to explain this interesting subject of hidden sex. According to him, those days there were lesser divorce cases because people made love more than any other entertainments. Families produced more children than the present generation. If one needed to see a psychiatrist, the first thing the Dr would ask, "How many times do you have sex a week?" If you had sex more than one time a week, you are perfectly a healthy person. However if you did not have sex at all, then you should be staying back to consult him. Lee was not shameful to relate, he enjoyed sex very much even at his age. He claimed that man is luckier because we are always ready to have sex any time, unless that man isn't healthy. Not ladies cause their sex interest depend on mood and feeling. Further more, women might loose interest sooner than expected, especially when they have given birth to children. When that happen, men suffer silently with sorrow and frustration. So sometimes you can't blame men as naughty and playful outside.

The above words and facts were derived from Lee, a man who understands the facts of life to live healthier with the satisfaction of a good sex living.

The meaning of happiness according to Epicurus, "Happiness is man's greatest aim in life. Tranquility and rationality are the cornerstones of happiness."

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