Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Harmony in thinking, saying & doing

Just awhile ago I was informed, a wonderful friend and relative, Tony P. from The Philippines had passed away. Few days back while playing his usual tennis, he had a stroke, went into coma and peacefully left this world. Although physically he no longer with us, his sweet memories will always be cherished by me, especially his sharing of wisdom and life.

During these past twenty years, I had seen many new births and deaths as well. The starting will always be joyful with the new born and ending with the sorrowful of death. During the journey between birth and death is the challenging path where life has to face the unknown and uncertainties. I had shared many a time the wonderful part of life with my friends and clients. Of course not forgetting the difficult and painful period when they were sicked and unwell. I had attended hundred of graduations and weddings and I had visited countless times at hospital to see my friends. Sicknesses like diabetic, high blood, heart diseases and cancers were common. They not only affected my older friends but the younger one too. Depression and stressfulness were usually heard also.

Thanks to the Almighty Universe, I am much older than most of my friends and clients by now, but today I am blessed with good health and mind. Perhaps not drinking and not smoking since young helps a lot. Living a simple life is good, when I don't have to compete and compare. I exercise regularly on cardiovascular to achieve stamina and on iron to strengthen my muscles. I believe happiness is by feeling and I always choose to be happy rather than to be sad. I think with wisdom but I feel like a young person. I can be as serious a person and at times I can be as playful like a child, when most older person may not dare to. I love sharing more than to receive which I believe can make a person more happier. Talking is my hobby and selling insurance allows me to talk. My role and duty is to stay healthy and to assist whoever I meet and know in the course of my life journey ahead. Thanks to The Almighty again for making me as a life insurance agent to reach and touch lives.

What Mahatma Gandhi said was true; "Happiness is when what you think, what you said and what you do are in harmony."

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