Friday, October 12, 2007

My commitment in selling.

Many sales can be closed and concluded at the same times. Not life insurance. I had sold thousand of policies and many are still not concluded yet. They still need my personal attention and advices. Perhaps relating a case would explain the picture.

Kabeer has been a client cum best friend since I started selling life insurance. From a little plan he effected, today his entire family comprising eight of them are also my clients. I took care their medical and children education plans. All the children have grown and completed their education and are married with more children. With Kabeer trust and respect, I was introduced to two of his brother families, who later bought more life insurance from me. This is how business expanded just by knowing one friend.

There is living and there is death which is unavoidable. Early this year, Thahir one of the cousin brother of Kabeer, passed away unexpectedly with a heart attack. He was only 52, leaving a son still in college and a daughter of just 5. Thahir was a self made man. Single headed, from a small book store, he managed to turn the business into a supermarket. The life insurance proceed was kind to his immediate family. Although his only son, Ihsan was only 20 of age, he is capable to continue his study and to man his father business. As I had been a closed friend to his late father, now is my turn to guide and assist this young man in every way I can. I had given my assurance to Ihsan that I am always be with him, if he ever needs advice and support.

The other brother, Ali Khan has another uneventful year too. His wife was admitted for a heart attack too. Fortunately she was well treated and recovered. All the medical charges was paid through her insurance plus a critical cover was admitted for claim. Only this week I handed the claim cheque to the husband. The entire family was so delighted how life insurance works when you need them the most.

Out of these three families heads, Kabeer was the fittest. But last two weeks, I was informed that he was admitted for high blood pressure. He was under observation for three days. During that period, I visited him when I gave him my encouragement and assurance that everything was taken care. Although uncomfortable, I knew he had the piece of mind cause the life insurance are in good hand. I was glad he was discharged after he recovered.

I am happy to have sold many policies to these family members but I am even more proud to be there when they needed me. As long as I live, I promised to them I will never leave my responsibilities. All my sales will not be concluded because I am still here to guide and offer assistance in every way. I grow with them. I understand them. I offer my sincere advices and promises. I don't just sell but rather provide hope and encouragement. Along this journey, I had also broadened my knowledge and gain a little of wisdom of life. Thanks God! I am in the life insurance business.

Powerful quote; "Giving is more a dictate of the heart than a command of the brain." by Henry A. Russo.


Mohamed Ihsan said...

Hi Mr. Foo,

Not everyone will get such a wonderful opportunity. It's great because you've developed your career in such a way that you can easily get the opportunity to be with people during their hard time not merely as an insurance agent but as a good friend.

Making someone happy, is a hapiness on itself. It will also lead to a great personal satisfaction of the feeling that "I've done something great on earth! There are someone happy out there because of ME!". What else can make a human happier than this? So, in that way, I assume that you are very lucky. :-)

Robert Foo said...

Hi Ihsan,

U are right. I do have a wonderful opportunity to see my friends experiencing not only the good time, but the hard time as well. Reasons...I have the patience to last and stay in the business long enough to see the present and most likely the future too. I am committed when most people are not. I hope to inspire u also.
Thanks for your comments.