Monday, October 29, 2007

Perseverance, Tolerance & Patience in selling.

Amanda is one young lady agent also my colleague, who used to contact me for advices and guidance on selling. Recently she sent me a text message, "Hi! Robert how are you? Have not been really chatting with you lately. Are you happy today? I am very happy because even though I lost a small case to another agent who gave discount. It is because I did my best and the husband apologised. The wife insisted to buy from this unprofessional agent. He was happy with my advices. Out of no choice, he had to oblige his wife's decision to deal with that agent and not me."

I felt great to receive her message for I knew she was following my guidance without desperation to sell with discount too. I replied her, "Hi! My dear, I am happy coz you are doing the right approach. Perseverance, tolerance and patience are the way. Read my blog and you learn more."

The next minute she responded, "Now I understand why you are a long time MDRT and always happy. :) Will read. Enjoy your evening."

I sincerely hope Amanda and all those who aspire in selling Life Insurance to practise Perseverance, Tolerance and Patience. These are the key factors to stay and maintain in a long term selling career.

I learned from a friend, Ariff who gave me his encouragement; "Perseverance is the growing quality and Patience is the passion of great hearts."

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