Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The power of woman.

Hairuddin was an old staff of mine, who left several years ago to venture into his tourism business. With the support from his family and especially his wife, he rose rapidly in his circle of contacts. Early this year, there was a down turn when he had conflict with his wife. He had fallen in love with another younger lady whom he had intention to get marry. As a Muslim, he is entitled to get marry again. But without the consent from his first wife, his new young girl friend got frustrated and instead left him for good. Later with further quarrel at home, his wife also divorced him. Without any woman, he was lonesome and sorrowful. He could not sleep and eat for months. His business was badly affected. One day while returning home, he met a nasty accident when he knocked and killed a motorcyclist. He too was badly injured with a fracture leg. The court fined him heavily and banned him from driving for two years. I knew about all these while calling him on phone two months ago. He was recouping in his parents home when he had nothing to do. His voice sounded dull, moody and uninteresting. There was no personal drive in him, when I felt he was like a lost person. Two weeks ago I called him again for the Hari Raya greeting. Surprisingly he sounded very cheerful to me on this occasion. A voice that I could feel with love and happiness. I asked him, "Din, are you in love again?" He replied, "Yes! Boss I found a new girl friend. She is besides me at the Port Dickson beach now. I am coming back for good. After the holiday, I will start by business again."

I believe his words. With nothing at the beginning but with the love of his wife, he built his setting gradually. He lost everything when he created anger with his wife. Without love, it would be difficult for him to move. He might have nothing at the moment, but with his new found love, I trust he will make it again. A woman can lift and spur a man to success but if you had a wrong woman, she can also drain and jeopardize a man to failure. Ladies are for man to love but we have to love them right. In fact, women are actually smarter than men. Whether we like it or not, this is the true facts of life again.

A naughty friend gave this interesting quote, "The greatest achievement for a man is to be able to conquer two women and make them fall in love madly with him passionately. One is a wife and the other is a girl friend. You can even be happier by never allowing these two women to meet. Then you are truly a wonderful happy father and a good lover." I wonder whether its true.


Jenny Lee said...

When a man is feeling down, it is either b'coz of "Money" or "Woman".

As spoken by you earlier, a successful man needs to have a wife that can play 3 roles in their life > "Wife", "Lover" & "Best Friend".

In this case, Hairuddin already has a good wife but lack of the other 2 roles. So, he met this young lady who could accomplish these 2 roles but unfortunately she wants to play the "Wife" role too!

Hairuddin should understand that if the lady really loves him, she should'nt mind to be his secret lover. (Love is Blind)

Women nowadays are smarter b'coz they need to protect themselves from being hurt. But no matter how smart they are, they still need loves (especially from their lover).

Don't forget! Men are smart and cunning too!

Love can also drives a person CRAZY!!

Robert Foo said...

Hi Jenny,

WoW! You are learning. I am glad you could understand life better. Please continue to read my blog and you will see the good and bad part of life here. Thanks for the good comments.