Saturday, October 06, 2007

A cup of tea or coffee?

Start the day with coffee and relax with a good cup of tea in the late afternoon. I have been drinking tea almost my entire life. When I was young, my father was running a Hainanese coffee shop. Besides studying, I had to help in our family shop business. I knew how to serve customers and good in making tea and coffee. I could be extremely young in age, but my serving of these coffee or tea were many times better than what you get at the moment.

Today all the catering outlets from the little stores right up to the 5 stars hotels, can never serve you an original typical coffee or tea of the past. Their presentation or external image look impressive and the setting might be comfortable, but you don't get the good cup of tea or coffee. One word, 'Love' is not added to make it tastes better.

In order to make a good cup of tea or coffee, the tea dust and coffee beans have to be the best of qualities. I prefer to take tea more for coffee. English tea sounds colonial but to the Asian, it is the mildest in taste. Chinese milk tea is acceptable but the best is still the Ceylonese tea specially served by the Indian. A presentable cup of tea is served with the right blending of matching colour. The water has to be boiling hot before the tea dust is mixed. Water boiled by charcoal tastes better than gas boiling and the hotness can last much longer. For convenient purposes, it is sad that nobody uses charcoal to boil water nowadays. Besides milk and sugar, Indian tea is added with some extra spices to bring out the aroma. To enjoy this good cup of tea, it should be served with a thick ceramic cup and not glass or plastic made.

You might have a tasty meal, but if the cup of tea or coffee is not properly made to serve, it affects your mood and thought. No coffee or tea drinkers can start the day well, if that hot drinks are not served in the morning. Later in the late afternoon, a cup of tea soothes your relaxation. Life can be challenging but the simplicity of living, like having a cup of tea or coffee can create satisfaction of our mind. It is so easy to be happy but life complicates to make us unhappy. So the next time you are not happy, try having a good cup of tea to make you feel differently.

A laughing quote, "Coffee, tea or me? Its there available for you."


Anonymous said...

i'd prefer coffee pls... ;)

thanks for droppin' by my page and for the kind words. :)

Robert Foo said...

Hi Mayang..

Thanks for dropping by as well. Your coffee will be served shortly if you do come over here more often.