Saturday, December 15, 2007

Are you still looking for a job?

It is sad to notice that those who are aged 45 and above are still seeking for employment. They could be reading from job vacancies in the newspaper or asking friends for recommendation. Hopefully with my working experience, I can enlighten those who are unsure of their career or job opportunity.

I strongly believe life always starts with uncertainty and unknown. Most adults when they have just completed their studies, they assume they know everything. Take my words, this is the stage, "When u thought you know, but actually u do not know." It is only, "The more you know, the more you know that you do not know." During the period between 20th to 30th of age is a learning stage. The young people would be making mistakes and learning from them. In fact mistakes are actually teachers of oneself. It is here that you should know your strength and weakness. You explore and experiment. Tap the unknown and face the uncertainties. Coz at this early of life, you can afford to make the unnecessary mistakes.

At early thirties, it is an important time for a working career. During this period, you should have gathered sufficient working experiences and skills. You know your needs and want. You know whether you should be working for yourself or you could be better off working for someone else. If you need to be self-employed, you know exactly what profession is most suitable. Or on the other hand, you want to be an employee, you know exactly what sector, industry or corporation you should be working for. If by age 35, you are still uncertain what is best for yourself, regret to say you might not achieve great success later.

The logic is; to be successful in any job, career, profession or business, time is a factor. You need time to develop and built a successful job or profession. Success cannot be over night. Let say, if by 35, you have decided to be a life insurance agent. Prepared to burn your bridge and to focus the entire life on this particular career. Together with your strength and belief, Law of The Universe will never fail to achieve your success later. Perhaps allows a time frame of ten years or more, or by age 45, you would have fully developed yourself a true professional when everyone recognises and respects you.

The old proverb of saying is totally right; "A rolling stone gathers no moss."

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