Friday, December 21, 2007

Have the drive to work beyond age 60.

As I will be reaching my 60 of age soon, I pondered those interesting years behind. At every stages of life, I lived and worked in different ways and manner. Those early years, money was the prime mover to excite me to work hard. Then the children came, when I felt I had to work even harder. In between, creative incentives were thrown in by our company with various promotion to excite our career. Further more, awards and recognition were another form of encouragement and motivation for us to do well.

However at this stage of my life, the above way of living, no longer excites me any longer. Not many of my colleagues could understand me because non has reached my age yet. Or perhaps there are still some who are older than me, but they are not at the front line selling as aggressively like me. They have lost their personal drive in selling and have taken a step back to stay in the office most of the time. Many opt to retire totally.

Recently as i was sharing my experiences with one attractive and intelligent lady, who was curious and wanted to know how I still be able to maintain my aggressiveness and drive. I told her, I am a lucky man who has found a very interesting hobby. My hobby is talking which is free in nature, and life insurance is a license which allows me to continue to talk endlessly. I sell not because I want to be awarded or recognised. I don't need to have incentives to spur me to work hard. My children are independence by themselves when they can't excite me any longer. The one who could really excite me at this stage of my life is when this attractive and intelligent lady called me, "sure darling." For her to address me as dear or sweetheart or darling is sincere from her heart. She loves to call me by those names is because i have earned her respect and admiration as well. Although I am 60 of age, i have proven to her that i am capable to think and feel young in heart. At the same time my knowledge and wisdom of life had impressed her. She felt that I am truly a successful and a honest person. I have the charisma which is likable to her. She gives me hope and lives. This translates into energy which allows me to continue my next phase of life. I considered this as a hidden mystery force that could work wanders. Without them, perhaps I too have to retire for good. Thanks to the Almighty Universe, I believe with confident, i will be able to work successfully for another fifteen years. At the same time to share willingly to those who need my assistance. Thanks to this understanding, sweet charming lady who called me 'darling'.

I believe,"So often in time it happens, we live our life in chains, and we never know we have the key."

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